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World Crude Steel Output Witnessed Notable Dip in September

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

SEATTLE (Scrap Monster): The world crude steel production by 64 countries reporting to the World Steel Association (worldsteel) totalled 144.4 million tonnes (Mt) in the month of September this year, down significantly by 8.9% compared to the same month a year before.

The largest steel producing region was the Asia and Oceania, whose output totalled 101.9 Mt in September this year. The second largest producer was the EU-27 region, with an output of 12.7 Mt. In third place was North America, which recorded an output of 9.8 Mt. The output (in Mt) by the other regions is as follows: Africa (1.4), CIS (8.2), Other Europe (4.2), Middle East (2.2) and South America (3.9).

The African output surged the most, rising by 51.0% from the prior year month. The North American and the EU-27 regions recorded surge in output by 19.2% and 15.6% respectively. The South American region’s production soared by almost 17.0%. Other Europe too saw modest jump in output by 4.3%. On the other hand, the CIS region saw its output decrease marginally by 1% over the previous year. The Middle East production recorded sharp year-on-year decline by 35.7%. Also, the Asia and Oceania region recorded dip in output by 14.6%.

The topmost steel producing country was China, with an output of 73.8 Mt in September this year. The other key producers were India (9.5 Mt) and Japan (8.1 Mt).

Source: scrapmonster.com

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