Our concrete batching plant system has the simplest and most efficient configuration. It is designed to provide a high quality zero slump concrete mix.

The configuration includes a boom scraper resting on top a feed chute. Sand and aggregates are fed into an aggregate weighing hopper with indicators for the preset weight. It is then reloaded into a skip hoist that discharges the load into the concrete mixer. Cement, in silo, is fed by a screw conveyor into a cement weighing hopper. Water is supplied by a water flow meter.

The capacity of the Batching Plant is 60m3 per hour (144t per hour) and consists of the following:

Planetary Mixer 500/1000L with 1 Pneumatic discharge gate

Skip Hoist 1500/1000L for loading Sand & Aggregates

Aggregate Bins or Star Bin with Boom Scraper

Weighing Belt or Weighing Bucket with Load Cells for Sand & Aggregates

Cement Screw Conveyor (2 units) 200mm x 8m x 9.2kW Motor (Silo excluded)

Cement Weighing Hopper 1500/1000L with Load Cells

Water Weighing Hopper with Load Cells

Air Compressor Unit

Platform, Column, and Ladder

Control Panel for Mixer and Batching


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